Embrace and celebrate the KID in you!

Enjoy laughter and play every chance you get.



Celebrate with Twinkles at YOUR birthday party!


 Play in the sprinklers


Make the most of bubbles!


Color! Paint! Draw!


YEA Crayons! Creativity Rocks!  


See the JOY in life by noticing funny things


Scatter laughter by telling jokes  
Play a pretend game

Read a great kids book


Take a nap! 


Enjoy bouncing a ball 


Talk to a hand puppet 


 Make faces in the mirror 


Put multi-colored sand in bottles and shake it up


Go fly a kite


Ride a bike

Have a water balloon fight 


 Play in the sand 


Explore the woods

Look under rocks for bugs

Sing kid songs, sing silly songs, just SING! 


Have purposely dizzy moments...spin 


Close your eyes and take yourself on a wild trip!


Put your own artwork on the refrigerator

Enjoy a yummy banana split! 


Dance like no one is watching!


Make paper airplanes




Swing at the playground!




  Make snow angels


Sit in a tree and read

Go out on a boat, put your hand in the water and drag it across the top 
(watch out for alligators and critters!)


Dance in the rain!

Enjoy pools of water


 Take off your socks, put your bare feet in thick grass and wiggle your toes as you laugh from the sheer joy of the sensation of soft living grass beneath and around your feet.


Splash in mud puddles


Make a mud pie!


Climb a tree (be safe)


Have fun decorating cookies 

Play with clay 


Put your feet in the river 


Plan a fun journey 


Build a sandcastle 


Play with blocks


Build a fort - inside or outside! 


Watch an ant, a butterfly, or a ladybug 


Don’t think about it...JUST DO IT and ENJOY! 


 Put a puzzle together 


 Really enjoy an ice cream cone!


Put a dry erase board on the refrigerator and encourage fun messages


Bring pebbles/rocks inside - for your coffee table and let your friends create stacked rocks.


 Turn up the music in your car and enjoy the ride 


 Appreciate your achievements - if you’re taking a class put your grades on the refrigerator  


Jump rope


Finger paint


Make pancakes in fun shapes, add ears or spikes etc   


Take a bike ride!


Camp out in the back yard and make smores! 


Dress up and go trick or treating


Sit in the cool grass


Leave secret notes 

Play outside 


Buy yourself a helium balloon



Eat a meal with just your hands

Visit the zoo


Close your eyes and enjoy the sounds of nature 

Challenge your kid or partner with Rock, Paper, Scissors for fun or chores 


Enjoy a root beer float


Sing along to your favorite music


Scatter JOY by sharing a smiling 


Learn to juggle 


Play Tic, Tac, Toe


See shapes in the clouds


Take a walk with kids or grandkids - turn off your cell phone and enjoy nature and conversation!


Pack a lunch for a picnic with a toy for yourself and your partner 


Break out a board game 


Enjoy the flavor of your favorite candy bar or fun food 


Have a pillow fight


Buy yourself a toy or a teddy bear!


Give a toy as a gift


Have milk and cookies before bed


Apologize when you need to


Forgive yourself!  Forgive others!


Love with your whole heart! 


Love and appreciate yourself!

Do a fun outdoor activity, get really thirsty, and enjoy a cool, refreshing glass of WATER


Eat NM chile! Red OR green


Go to a sappy movie with girlfriends


Paint yourself all over


Write a letter to yourself


Make chalk pictures on the sidewalk


Talk to your pets while you hug them


Look for fairies


Find faces in the rocks


  Hug a tree


Chew on a blade of grass


Hop like a frog


Say something nice to someone


Go barefoot


Comb your hair funny


Twirl until you laugh


Thank you! Daniella, Jay, Vanesa, Deloris, Vette, Peggy, and Yvonne

                                                             Copyright 1981, Twinkles the Clown(tm) (505)293-3636

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