Thank you for providing an outstanding event once again! Everyone at the event says how much they enjoy your presence. Thanks again, Kalen with UNM College of Pharmacy.

Twinkles,  I just wanted to take a minute and tell you THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for making Emma's 4th birthday such a success.
Who would have thought that a lil' 4 year old was deathly afraid of Clowns until she laid eyes on YOU? The kiddo's are still talking about you.  I hear from the moms and dads everyday telling me that they are talking about Twinkles and the party.
I know it ended up being more than we originally anticipated and can't thank you enough for hanging in there to handle the BIG Kiddo's (the moms) who wanted their faces painted.
If it's ok with you we want to make sure you are a regular at ALL of our parties.  We average 2 or 3 a year that are the same group of people. We have lots of awesome pictures of the party with you and all the kiddos and they are priceless.
Thank you again for making my  lil' Emma's Day...The highlight of my day was when she said "OMG G'Ma this was JUST like a real carnival and I never wanted Twinkles to leave"...Ahhhh Music to a G'Ma's ears... Big hugs and bigger blessings from the Pino Family.....Cyndi


Everyone had a wonderful time, and some of your "little helpers" felt so special being able to help you on the night of our retirement party. Hope you had as much fun as we did. It looked like it! :[parenright] Thanks!


You are wonderful!
The children absolutely loved you!
I really admire your talents and appreciate your sincere kindness to my children.


Loved the reactions from both the adults and children!! Thanks so much!!


We are a repeat customer of Twinkles. She is blessed with a gift that captures young children. I had 17 kids, 5 and 6 year olds - and they were all so captivated just watching her and laughing. She was so very patient with each and every one of them. Highly Recommend to anyone that is wanting to have a great time!


Thank you Twinkles for making this such a memorable experience for our children.


Dear Debi aka Twinkles,
I'm a bit late saying this, but I want to thank you again for the wonderful job you did at our reception. I continue to receive rave reviews from the guests. I was worried about having so many little (and not so little) ones at a brunch like that, but I need not have worried. You kept everyone (including many adults) entertained. You certainly deserve your superior rating as a clown and I'm delighted we discovered you.  I look forward to seeing Twinkles' happy face again.


Dear Sweet Debi/Twinkles, I can't begin to thank you enough for making my daughter Shaylee's 4th birthday such a hit! It's been over a week now and she and her classmates/friends are still talking about you and how much fun they had. This is definitely a memory these children will grow up talking about for years to come!

I also want to thank you for your sincere kindness from the very beginning! You have great communication and are very easy to talk to! Planning for this event was so much fun! The calendars you made were so much fun too and the letters to her that were sent by your really made her feel special. You are not only a professional but you have a warm heart that shines through. Thank you for making my daughters birthday better than I imagined! You truly are wonderful!  Much luck and happiness to you and your family!:)

Thank you so much for making our party the best childrens bday party I have ever seen.  

The following blog message is from: http://cindyslist.spaces.live.com/
I just met one of those rare people who makes you feel like a long lost friend as soon as “hello” gets spoken. Today, Twinkles the Clown was making balloons for all the kids at an opening that I attended. She is so awesome that I had to blog right away and suggest you all write down her number and give her a call the next time you have a party or event.

She was more than entertaining and funny and good with kids. Twinkles was thoughtful and kind and generous with herself and her talents in a way that even clowns sometimes are not. I watched as she made little boys laugh with flying plane balloons that she said had pilots named "Otto" as in auto-pilot. Ha ha. Or should I say buh-dum-dum.  She knows a lot of such kiddie humor.  Her giant pink flowers for girls and little mice were delightful. I, personally, received a 'double magic heart wand' and a candle balloon. Vici got tulips in a basket and Jean enjoyed her kissing swans until they accidentally popped on the ride home. Turtles, dogs, cats, elephants, heart hats and special birthday balloon hats etc. all were quickly twisted and doled out in front of me. 
Twinkles is a gentle soul with a silly heart.

Dear Debbie,
    You do an awesome job with my preschool crowd. I'm always so impressed by the way you can keep everyone's attention and be so entertaining. I'm always so warmed by your caring attitude and at the beautiful looks on the children's faces. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.
Fondly, Dianna Davidson


Thank you so much for providing entertainment for the Rodey Firms' annual picnic. As always, the kids enjoy spending time with their favorite clown. Again, thank you,  Jean G

Dear Twinkles,
    Thanks so much for adding your special touch to Cieras' party. You had everyone in stitches and the children were taken away to your special land! Ciera remarked after everyone had gone that she wished you could have stayed all day!  Best wishes! Molly B

Dear "Twinkles the Clown"
Thank you so much for your excellent services today. This will be the highlight of our summer school students to remember. May you wear the Navajo T-shirt and remember "To'hajiilee Community School" where ever you go.
Take care, Perfilliea C

We wanted to let you know just how much Emma loved you being at her birthday party. You are wonderful with children. Even the most shy child we know warmed up to you! The face painting and balloon animals were wonderful. We have told all of our other friends about you and hope we can bring you more business so you can bring more smiles!  Kevin & Jeane L

                                                             Copyright 1981, Twinkles the Clown(tm) (505)293-3636


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